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Hi there! We are Nino and Felix, identical twin brothers from the Netherlands. With an indescribable passion for the fashion industry. Ever since we where kids we where always busy with and designing clothes and creating fashion. Our dream has always been to launch our own brand.

In the last couple of years we've spend considerable time apart from each other, working in multiple cities and industries across Europe. Such as Antwerp, Marbella and Amsterdam. But the desire to be in fashion remained and after our reunion in Antwerp at the beginning of 2023 nothing could stop us from launching our long-awaited fashion brand and fashion retail platform. A brand that is focused to support every individual woman's confidence.


NINO AND FELIX is a brand and a fashion retail platform that aims to boost every woman's confidence with carefully selected products.
We believe that a woman's physical appearance is intimately related to her inner self, and that looking well also implies feeling good.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel and look her best.

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Selected by NINO AND FELIX offers numerous brands and products that align with our fundamental values and vision; it is not just our brand. We believe that there are a great number of fashionable and innovative brands with distinctive products on the market. Because of this, we have carefully source these products for you.

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The Story

The brand NINO AND FELIX was inspired by our ongoing ambition to be in fashion as well as our tumultuous lives over the several years prior. A life that revolves around multiple important European cities, such as Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Marbella. Locations where brand-new stories and lives were created from scratch. Unfortunately, these are also locations where we've lost things and why we've spent some time apart, but where we've learned a lot along the way.

From all of these experiences, we have gained plenty of knowledge and absorbed the lessons imparted to us, but most significantly, we have embraced all of the joy we have encountered on our journey thus far. These experiences convinced us of the significance of living with color and pursuing one's passion. Our brand is therefore a representation of color, joy and passion. Color that is representing joy and that is commonly observed in daily life. Something you must create and maintain independently, but must share with the world.